Hostel / Koshuis

Boys and Girls Hostel

On the grounds of Welkom-Gimnasium a home away from home awaits. At Huis Hoewe we strive to encourage learners to live with integrity, respect and honesty.


At Huis Hoewe each supervisor strives to implement and maintain a balanced approach to discipline, leaving room for the learners to still be kids.

Study Times

Huis Hoewe maintains set study times giving learners the opportunity to focus on their education. There is a study hall where all the learners are seated with a supervisor keeping an eye on them. If a learner can maintain high marks throughout the year, they have the option to study in their rooms.


Learners are provided with 3 meals a day:
Breakfast: 06:40, Lunch: 14:00, Dinner: 17:30

Supervisory Team

Huis Hoewe has 6 teachers residing on the hostel premise who ensure the safety of all the learners, along with the matron and her team ensuring the hostel is always up to standard.


Huis Hoewe is situated next to the sport facilities and within walking distance from Goldfields Mall.

Huis Hoewe, vir my en vir jou.

Mnr J P Slabbert


Mnr K de Witt Senior


Mev E Maass


Mej M Groenewald


Mnr J Olivier


Mej Y Prinsloo


Mnr S Snyman


Mej C du Toit