FBI Chef

FBI Chefs

FBI Chef of the year 2023

We have been participating in this competition for 16 years

Every year, the FBI waits for Welkom-Gimnasium’s pack of entries. This year the entries did not disappoint at all.
This is without a doubt the school that sends in the most entries and this year was once again only better than the previous years. Mrs Rossouw is a true stalwart teacher who has already crept deep into the hearts of the FBI. Her love and passion for her learners can be seen in every entry. The FBI Chef School has raised many old Gimmies to international level and we look forward to doing the same in the future.
Congratulations to all the Gimmie finalists!

Achievements in 2023:

  • School with the most entries
  • Best Hygiene – Ruben Louw
  • 3rd Place – Ruben Louw
  • All 9 finalists finished in the top 10
  • Of the 16 finalists, 11 finalists come from Welkom-Gimnasium
  • Welkom-Gimnasium wins 6 of the 7 prizes
  • Only school in Lejweleputswa District participating

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Gim Medics

Welkom-Gimnasium produces learners who already gain experience in the medical field at school level. Every year during the winter holidays, a First Aid course is offered, after which learners earn merits, getting first-hand experience during sports matches, by applying their skills. They also get the opportunity to personally work alongside paramedics and other emergency personel. This experience adds to learners’ knowledge and enables them to use this experience to their advantage.

Eskom Expo For Young Scientists


Welkom-Gimnasium has innovative learners who participate and perform excellently with their projects at Eskom EXPO. Learners win big prizes as well as scholarships for University studies every year.
Learners are also selected to participate in the ISF (International Science Fair).
Participants work conscientiously throughout the year to develop their projects.
Some of our achievements include: R40 000 scholarships to study any form of engineering, as well as a mathematics category winner at ISF.